Warrior is an intense and timely rallying cry for men to return to the fundamentals of fighting for what matters.

Gus Malzahn Football Coach, Auburn, AL

Warrior is inspired by the Holy Spirit, mapping out how to be a warrior for Christ in every area of a man's life.

Rick Burgess Radio Show Host, Birmingham, AL

Warrior is a powerful reminder that a daily encounter with the Cross of Jesus is where men are equipped to win the spiritual war.

Chris Hodges Pastor, Birmingham, AL

Warrior Book Cover

Unite And Fight.

Authentic Christian manhood has become increasingly rare in our world today. It seems many men have lost the fighting spirit for the things of God, which is the very purpose for which we were created. We’ve become all things to all people and have made our own comfort and pleasure our gods. Warrior is a 10-chapter study that is intended to help us recapture who and what God intended us to be: Warriors for Christ and for the things of God. This study is aimed at helping us reconnect with Jesus in every aspect and detail of our lives and discover how He wants to be a part of every little thing we do.

We are in a war every day, and to ignore that fact is the path to certain defeat.

Warrior is a no-nonsense, practical approach for men who are tackling the challenges of being fathers, husbands, and sons. It’s not a how-to book; it’s a go-to resource that is grounded in the Word of God. Men of all ages and all circumstances can benefit from Warrior through small group study or on an individual basis. Warrior is a call to know Jesus and obey Jesus, while reminding us that He alone has the power and ability to give our lives purpose and peace.

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Lance has a genuine heart for Jesus and people. I see that authenticity week in, week out as he helps lead our Church of the Highlands family into the presence of God with Highlands Worship.

Chris Hodges Lead Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Lance Ingram has served as a core musician at one of the largest churches in the country, Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, leading tens of thousands into the Presence of God behind Pastor Chris Hodges and Highlands Worship on a weekly basis since 2009. These supernatural encounters behind the drum kit have inspired Lance’s dynamic passion for men to know Jesus and obey Jesus so they can experience true peace and purpose in every area of their lives.

Many may recognize Lance as radio personality “Dr. Lou” from the nationally syndicated Rick & Bubba Show, which reaches more than a million listeners daily. He has been featured on Sports Illustrated’s si.com for his clever college football satire on the wildly popular comedy program based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lance is a successful entrepreneur, operating his marketing and web technologies small business since 2008. He is a communications graduate from Auburn University having followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Bob Ingram, a well-known political editor and newspaper columnist in the state of Alabama.

Lance and his wife, Brooke, have two sons – Crew and Oakland.

God is going to change the manscape through this book! I can't wait to see what God does through this Warrior movement!

Ryan Harrison Project Manager, Birmingham, AL

I am living proof of how buying into these Warrior principles can transform a man both spiritually and physically. After 31 years of drifting through life, I finally surrendered every area to Jesus. Now here I am with an indescribable peace, having lost over 100 pounds in under a year.

Drew Wright Physician, Birmingham, AL

Warrior is like a buffet of encouraging gut punches for men. It challenges us while giving us hopeful direction for the most fulfilling life.

Steven Dunne Pastor, Huntsville, AL

I am loving this read. It's ridiculously anointed.

Taylor Prewett Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Birmingham, AL

Utilize Warrior In Any Environment

Not only is Warrior a go-to guide for men of all ages and all circumstances, it's also practical and versatile enough for any context or environment.

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For the individual man tackling the challenges of being a father, husband, and son, Warrior is an excellent, no-nonsense gut check grounded in the Word of God. It will candidly and conversationally confront every man with a Biblical perspective of every detail of life.

Small Groups

For men looking to unite and fight the spiritual war together, Warrior is strategically structured and tailored for the small group environment. Leaders can utilize the dummy-proof Warrior group guide in tandem with the full-length book to take men ages 13 and up through a 13-session study.

Church Discipleship

For leaders needing a practical curriculum to disciple other men in every area of life, Warrior's ten chapters can be taught as standalone lessons or as a comprehensive system to take men from knowing God (chapters one through three) to obeying God (chapters four through ten).

God's Kingdom Is Advancing

Each time a Warrior group pops up across the country, we'll add a new pin to the map. Join the Warrior movement by leading a group or joining a group in your area, and send us a message so we can add the momentum.

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Create The Right Environment For Your Warrior Group

We need a setting that brings more motivation, not just more information. And for individuals and groups alike, the Warrior study will immediately become more powerful if we incorporate worship music into our experience. We have carefully and strategically compiled three main playlists to integrate with the Warrior group guide system, and our hope is that these fresh, ever-evolving playlists can usher God's presence into every compartment of every man's life.

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